“We share common ground in new talent development”

Bolsius supports the social goal of Holland Ocean Racing
to train young talents and prepare them for a future in Ocean Racing.

  • Big Boat material
  • Big Boat material

    Meet your Big Boat equipment: the impressive 18 meter oceanracer ‘BOUdragon’. The racing yacht is the successful former Whitbread-around-the-world racer ‘Silk Cut’. With a 24-hour monohull world record of 449.1 nm, averaging 18.71 knots from Cape Town to Fremantle. Now called BOUdragon, Silk Cut is completely renovated to todays standards.

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Foundation Holland Ocean Racing

Address and teambase: Dokweg 10-3, 4511 PW Breskens

Ocean Races Academy is established by Hans Bouscholte in 2014. Foundation Holland Ocean Racing was founded in 2018 in collaboration with Willem Jan Landman and  with our main sponsor Bolsius International BV. The Foundation is established to be a professional platform to educate the next generation offshore Big Boat sailors. 


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