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International Regattas

Vuurschepen (NSR) + North Sea Race 

Start 24th May

€ 1.500,- per person (incl. VAT)

Download the NSR brochure here


Veronica Race

Start 18th June 

€ 750,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Download the Veronica race brochure here

Gotland Runt Regatta

Stockholm – Gotland – Stockholm

Fully Booked

RORC Baltic Sea Race 

Start 21st July 

€ 5.000,- per person (incl. VAT)  

Download the Baltic Sea Race brochure here

One or two day experiences

Join us for a unique Ocean Race Experience with the Volvo 60 racer BOUdragon on the North Sea!

You will sail with our team of talents of the Ocean Races Academy and will become a full crew member for one day! 



Sunday 8th – Breskens 

Saturday 21st– Scheveningen – Fully booked

Sunday 22nd – Scheveningen – Fully booked


Saturday 11th – Scheveningen

Sunday 12th – Scheveningen (1 spot left)


Saturday 13th – Scheveningen

Sunday 14th – Scheveningen

Saturday 20th – Scheveningen


One day € 299,- per person (incl. VAT)

Two days € 499,- per person (incl. VAT)

Download the One or Two Day brochure here

Offshore Experiences

Want the full ocean race experience?

Join us on a true Offshore Experience from the Netherlands to the Baltic Sea, The Baltic Sea to the Netherlands or from the Netherlands to the MED.

One day Offshore Experiences:

€ 299,- per person (incl. VAT)


Sunday 15thBreskens – Scheveningen 


Friday 17thScheveningen – Roompot

Sunday 19thRoompot – Scheveningen


Tuesday 2ndHarlingen – Scheveningen

Sunday 21stScheveningen – Breskens

Download the one day Offshore Experience brochure here


Baltic Sea Offshore Experiences:

Monday 20th – Sunday 26th Scheveningen – Sandhamn (Stockholm) 

€ 1.295,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Download the brochure here


Sunday 10th Tuesday 12th Stockholm – Helsinki

€ 750,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Download the brochure here

Tuesday 26th – Sunday 31st –  Helsinki – Harlingen

€ 1.295,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Download the brochure here


BISCAY to MED Offshore Experiences:


Leg 1: Saturday 10th – Thursday 15thBreskens – Lorient

€ 995,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Leg 2: Sunday 18th – Friday 23rdLorient – Lagos (Portugal)   

€ 1.295,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Leg 3: Monday 26th – Friday 30thLagos – Alicante (or Ibiza)

€ 1.295,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Download the brochure here for Leg 1, 2 & 3


MED Weekend trips:


Thursday 27th – Sunday 30th Alicante – Ibiza – Alicante

€ 795,- per person (Incl. VAT)


Thursday 17th – Sunday 20thAlicante – Mallorca – Alicante

€ 795,- per person (Incl. VAT)


Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th Alicante – Formentera – Alicante

€ 1.295,- per person (Incl. VAT)

Celebrate New Year: Alicante – Ibiza – Alicante

Fully booked

Download the brochure here for the MED weekend trips


Corporate Sailing

Are you ready to set sail with your team or friends during a Corporate Teambuilding Ocean Race Day. You will set sail with our team on the legendary 60ft Volvo Ocean Racer BOUdragon, former “Silk-Cut”.

In May, June, July & August we are available in the Netherlands & Finnland.

Friday 20th May – Fully Booked 

From October to January we are available in Alicante (Spain). 

1/2 day, up to 12 guests, € 3.500 (Excl. VAT)

Full day, up to 12 guests, € 5.000,- (Excl. VAT)


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